Name: Jon Depoian

Age: 32

Years skating: 23

Other sponsors: Reliance Skateboards, Jiberish Apparel, Destructo, Bones (rep flow), Nixon (rep flow), Lakai (rep flow)

Shoe size/board size: Size 9 shoes, 8.25 board.

Instagram/twitter: @d33zle

Favorite fast food: IN N OUT

Favorite skate video: Transworld In Bloom

Favorite trick(s): Tre flip, Slappy crook

How did you get into skateboarding?

found my brothers board in our garage and tried to figure out how to ride it. After the first day it was all I wanted to do all day.

Favorite people to skate with?

Martin Fobes, People that are having fun.

Favorites to watch?

Marc Johnson, Austin Gillette

Who did you look up to growing up skating?

Chris Cole

What’s your dream trip?


If you had to pick spinning one way either frontside or backside the rest of your life, which would it be?