Dave Engerer

Name: Dave Engerer

Age: 28

Years skating: 21

Other sponsors: Pyramid Country, Sovrn, Pig,  Pluskateboarding, Wolf Pack Clothing, Ambition Snowskates

Shoe size/board size: size 11, 8.5  board

Instagram: @david_ryan_engerer

Dave in “Exeter”

Dave Engerer in Ruff Ryders 3

How did you get into skateboarding?

My brother got me into skating.

Favorite people to skate with?

Dirty Waters crew, Tyler Franz, Arizona crew, Milwaukee crew.

Favorites to watch?

Gilbert Crockett, Ben Kadow, Brad Cromer, Nick Borserio, Dylan Reider, and Mark Suiciu

Who did you look up to growing up skating?

Brad Hendrickson, Pat Galloway, and other Michigan legends

What’s your dream trip?

To skate the island of Malta

If you had to pick spinning one way either frontside or backside the rest of your life, which would it be?

Backside! Although I would give anything to have Jeremy Wray’s frontside 360’s.